Real life happens everyday, don't face it alone.

There's something for everyone at The Sanctuary. Whether you're a single young adult, a young family settling into your first home, or a mature adult rooted in Columbus for generations, you'll feel welcome here.


The Sanctuary is a place where kids have fun learning about Jesus in an environment that is both age-appropriate and secure. In the process, children at The Sanctuary build a solid foundation for faith.

Children can connect with God in ministry geared just for their age groups.

Experts say that belonging comes before believing. We provide our children of all ages with a vibrant supportive environment where they can explore the Bible through play, activities, games, and biblical lessons designed to help them know and experience God's love.




We are excited to offer our children the opportunity to worship God in a fun and lively setting. Key elements of a Kids Church service include praise and worship, prayer for kids' needs, offering, and presentation of God's word through games, skits, and group discussion specifically designed for their level. 


Kids Church meets every Wednesday from 7-8pm during the mid-week adult bible study. Kids Church is offered for children from Kindergarten-6th grade.


Your kids will not want to miss out on the fun they will have in Kids Church!


Fuel Youth Ministries exists to provide an inclusive atmosphere that encourages growth, uplifts, and anchors the next generation in Christ.

Fuel Youth Ministries is comprised of middle-high, high-school, college, and single young adults who meet routinely for small group bible studies, hang-outs, and takes trips to strengthen their relationships with God and with each other.


Once per month students engage in an entirely youth-led service with relevant teaching and preaching topics tailored to their generation.

Life Groups are less about what you do, and more about who you do it with. God created us to do life with one another. We firmly believe that no one should ever be alone. No matter what age, background, or interests you have, there is a Life Group for you! Our hope is that through Life Groups you will develop friendships that encourage, uplift, and strengthen each other. We are better together!




Connect groups are socially based groups that allow people to make new connections and build better friendships. They are often centered around a hobby, common interest, or life stage. 



Grow groups are designed for people to come together around something they want to learn together, overcome together, or develop a strength in. They are often centered around a book, resource, or a Bible study. 

Happy Hikers is a dynamic and diverse group of young people with one thing in common: we love the outdoors! Whether you are an experienced hiker or you simply love those “fall time flannel vibes”, you’re going to fit in here. Join us as we come together to experience the beauty of several different Indiana State Parks, great food, and the thing we all need: connection. We are excited to have you!

Moms of Teenage Boys

This group of moms will come together in a completely confidential and safe environment to talk, encourage, pray, grow, and strategize as to how we can help our teenage sons keep their Armor of God intact while navigating the challenges they face as modern day Christian teens. We will be reading and discussing the book Mother and Son: The Respect Effect by Emerson Eggrichs PhD

Our life group will be reading the Bible each time we meet and there will be coffee as well! We will be connecting with our friends and making new friendships!


Men meet for prayer at 5 AM then at 5:30 a.m. discuss scriptures from the sermon for the Sunday before or scriptures that have been laid on their heart that week.

A time for fishing with friends and growing closer to God

We all come together on Friday or Saturday evenings and just play games and hangout at Parkside!


A brief Bible devotion of various topics. Also times of sharing health needs and testimonials of what has worked in your situation; where it has helped,, maybe diet change, and exercise things that help Finding their desire for ministry and working together, being connected. 

Life group that will teach members how to strengthen their minds and body through physical training, boxing! We will meet every Saturday at 10 am. Members will depend on others' motivation to help push them through the training. Boxing is proven to help troubled/mentally anguished individuals who are looking for a positive outlet.


Anyone who has had a loss

We are a group that shares love and compassion for those of us who have experienced a loss.  We share and support each other through this journey in our lives.  We know that God is bringing us through and He still has a purpose for us.

Creative Crafters meet in an uplifting, relaxed, and inviting atmosphere to create reproducible projects under the guidance of Vikki King. We will be making crafts that coincide with the upcoming seasons and holidays. There will be a fee to assist with purchasing materials.


The purpose of this life group is to incorporate more prayer into our lives. We will be meeting during our lunch hour to pray at the church. We will take prayer requests and pray over them and have separate prayer time as well. (One can come and go as needed)

We will meet at different Mexican restaurants bi-weekly for fun, food, and fellowship


This 6 week Bible study shows how the women of Acts changed their world and how we can too!

Come enjoy an evening of fun with like minded girls. We will have outings, dinners, bonfires, and other events. Start looking for a babysitter, cause this is Girls Night Out!

Our 55+ ladies will have the chance to meet for prayer, enjoy various activities, or eat out together.  We will also add new guests that are in need of developing friendships with our Sanctuary family members.


This is a Home Friendship Group with a focus to live out our faith together in connection, growth and service. This will include eating, praying, helping, and sharing with others together. We will meet at various locations in Columbus Thursdays from 6 to 6:45 biweekly including local parks. Our pattern is Acts 2:42.

Gun range (firearm/ammo/targets/ear protection/ lane fee) provided by each member 

Possible lunch at Hickory Hills BBQ following range time

Guns/ammo/targets/ear protection can be rented/purchased at range check availability

Married Christian Couples come together to share ideas and do activities about having a Christ centered thriving relationship with our spouse.  We will meet one Saturday morning a month for breakfast and maybe another for prayer.  Our goal is to enrich our marriages through  Christ.  You will be responsible for your own child care.

This is a group where young mothers and their children will come together to build deeper relationships with each other. We will meet at a local park or the Commons depending on the weather. You are also welcome to invite a friend!

The Study Tables will be a place where you can receive or lend help in schoolwork at the Church café Saturday morning twice a month from 9 am until 11 am.  A licensed Math, Latin, and Special Ed teacher with over 10 years experience will facilitate this experience.  An optional prayer time in the Sanctuary will take place at 8:50.

Meeting at various locations in the Columbus area for fishing & fellowship.

Will schedule up to five amazing dates where married couples will come together for fun and fellowship. Whether it be a night under the stars at the Symphony on the Prairie or hanging out downtown Indy on the canal enjoying a paddle boat ride.  Dating while married is where it’s at!

Bishop Mitchell and I will spearhead a life group to impart vocal tips received from voice lessons and life experiences. The voice is an extremely powerful instrument and there are exercises that can be done that will help strengthen it. We want to encourage good habits as it pertains to the voice.

Fellowship In The Park 

This is a great way to get new, returning and people that just need to be connected. 

It will be at Heflin Park in Edinburgh.  There is a shelter house, volleyball court, basketball court, playground, horseshoes, a river and lake if one would like to fish. 

We will serve fried chicken and provide plates, napkins and silverware. The rest will be a pitch in. Bring your own drinks 

Feel free to join us, but be sure to invite a friend ❤️

A bible study PARTY where we will dive deep into God's Word. We will learn about the plan of salvation, how to teach a bible study, and have food and games together!

Married male leaders from the Sanctuary hosting 4 sessions (one a month) to discuss Prayer in marriage, Household Leadership, Finances and open topics in the 4th session.  Each meeting will be 2 hours with the first hour being food and fellowship with the second hour being our topic discussion.

​​Have you ever wanted to go camping but never knew where to start? Or maybe you are an expert camper, then this life group is for you. Join us this semester for an adventure like no other where we will be camping, hiking, cooking over a fire and so much more. Let’s get camping!

This group is for families with kids 6 and under. Let's get together once a month and let our kids play (and destroy some venues) while we hangout, play games, and worship together.

We will meet on Tuesday evenings for prayer.

A group for young married people to connect through fellowshipping and time spent together.

End Time Bible Study 

The focus of this home friendship group will be to live out our faith together in connection, growth and service. This will include eating, praying, helping and sharing with others together. Our pattern is Acts 2:42. Location is Seymour and surrounding areas south of Columbus.


A group for youth and young adult aged people who are interested in creating a deeper relationship with God, a deeper understanding of the Bible, and a deeper connection between like-minded friends who want to grow together. This will be held at our house.