Real life happens everyday, don't face it alone.

There's something for everyone at The Sanctuary. Whether you're a single young adult, a young family settling into your first home, or a mature adult rooted in Columbus for generations, you'll feel welcome here.


The Sanctuary is a place where kids have fun learning about Jesus in an environment that is both age-appropriate and secure. In the process, children at The Sanctuary build a solid foundation for faith.

Children can connect with God in ministry geared just for their age groups.

Experts say that belonging comes before believing. We provide our children of all ages with a vibrant supportive environment where they can explore the Bible through play, activities, games, and biblical lessons designed to help them know and experience God's love.




We are excited to offer our children the opportunity to worship God in a fun and lively setting. Key elements of a Super Church service include praise and worship, prayer for kids' needs, offering, and presentation of God's word through games, skits, and group discussion specifically designed for their level. 


Super Church meets every other Wednesday from 7-8pm during the mid-week adult bible study. Super Church is offered for children from 2nd-6th grade.


Your kids will not want to miss out on the fun they will have in Super Church!


Fuel Youth Ministries exists to provide an inclusive atmosphere that encourages growth, uplifts, and anchors the next generation in Christ.

Fuel Youth Ministries is comprised of middle-high, high-school, college, and single young adults who meet routinely for small group bible studies, hang-outs, and takes trips to strengthen their relationships with God and with each other.


Once per month students engage in an entirely youth-led service with relevant teaching and preaching topics tailored to their generation.


Grow in faith & community with others.
After you’ve connected with God through Weekly Services, the best way to grow deeper is by joining a Life Group.
Life Groups are a great way to build friendships and grow in your faith. They require a short-term commitment and are designed around your interests.


Grow Groups are designed for people to grow in their faith and make practical application of God's word in their lives. They are often curriculum based and cover a book, resource, or Bible study.


Connect Groups are designed for people to make new acquaintances and build friendships. Many connect groups are interest based and centered around a hobby, common interest, or a life stage.


Serve Groups are designed for people to have the opportunity to serve the needs of the community. Serve groups provide a way for people to relationally connect and find fulfillment in caring for others.