Real life happens everyday, don't face it alone.

There's something for everyone at The Sanctuary. Whether you're a single young adult, a young family settling into your first home, or a mature adult rooted in Columbus for generations, you'll feel welcome here.


The Sanctuary is a place where kids have fun learning about Jesus in an environment that is both age-appropriate and secure. In the process, children at The Sanctuary build a solid foundation for faith.

Children can connect with God in ministry geared just for their age groups.

Experts say that belonging comes before believing. We provide our children of all ages with a vibrant supportive environment where they can explore the Bible through play, activities, games, and biblical lessons designed to help them know and experience God's love.




We are excited to offer our children the opportunity to worship God in a fun and lively setting. Key elements of a Kids Church service include praise and worship, prayer for kids' needs, offering, and presentation of God's word through games, skits, and group discussion specifically designed for their level. 


Kids Church meets every Wednesday from 7-8pm during the mid-week adult bible study. Kids Church is offered for children from Kindergarten-6th grade.


Your kids will not want to miss out on the fun they will have in Kids Church!


Fuel Youth Ministries exists to provide an inclusive atmosphere that encourages growth, uplifts, and anchors the next generation in Christ.

Fuel Youth Ministries is comprised of middle-high, high-school, college, and single young adults who meet routinely for small group bible studies, hang-outs, and takes trips to strengthen their relationships with God and with each other.


Once per month students engage in an entirely youth-led service with relevant teaching and preaching topics tailored to their generation.

Life Groups are less about what you do, and more about who you do it with. God created us to do life with one another. We firmly believe that no one should ever be alone. No matter what age, background, or interests you have, there is a Life Group for you! Our hope is that through Life Groups you will develop friendships that encourage, uplift, and strengthen each other. We are better together!




Connect groups are socially based groups that allow people to make new connections and build better friendships. They are often centered around a hobby, common interest, or life stage. 



Grow groups are designed for people to come together around something they want to learn together, overcome together, or develop a strength in. They are often centered around a book, resource, or a Bible study. 

Join us in 'Happy Hikers' as we explore State Parks around Indiana and create lasting connections with one another and with God! Hikes will be held Saturday mornings or Sunday afternoons, weather permitting.Will meet at The Sanctuary to carpool.

Family game night is an opportunity for you to get out of your house and fellowship with other people. We have games for all ages, and from easy to complex. The collection include card games, board games and strategy games. Feel free to bring your favorite games from home too.

This is a Grow group mixed with just plain fun. We talk about the Word and a chapter of Play the Man by Mark Batterson - the journey to manhood from God’s view.

Come join early rising men for a time of fellowship as we pray between 5 and 530 a.m. on Tuesdays then have the option to go to a local restaurant for coffee or breakfast at 6:00 am. Over coffee we plan to discuss the sermon highlights from the prior Sunday and have some Bible discussion from our personal devotion. You are welcome to join for just prayer or just breakfast.

Teaching basics of sewing &  working towards making a simple skirt

CodeConnect is a group where programmers of all skill levels (complete novice to expert) can meet up and collaborate. For new programmers, there will be lessons and small projects to help teach them, while more advanced programmers can mentor and learn by teaching as well as peer review for those of all levels. The only requirements to join the group are imagination, creativity, and a computer. Some older laptops running linux will be made available for those who need a computer but availability is very limited. Basic knowledge of typing and using a computer is preferred.

Thursday Bible Talks (TBT) will be a Bible Study Focused group. Every Thursday at 8pm we will discuss and analyze how different scriptures of the Bible apply to our daily lives and our various relationships. Just bring a Bible, yourself, a notebook, and a pen!

GEMS is a group for girls ages 7-12! Each month, we meet to talk about strengthening our friendships, godly self-confidence, and encouragement of a godly lifestyle. We will have games, lessons, and activities, but mostly fun! Join us for an exciting time of getting to know one another!


We will come together on Sunday evenings to play basketball and have a good time.

Creative Minds

We will do project-led crafts. Depending upon the number of weeks will determine what craft.  We will learn how to do a piece of farmhouse inspired wall decor. Participants will have a list of supplies to bring to class.

Cooks For Christ

We would be cooking and serving hot meals for those that need a meal.  This would be under the guidelines of the Love Chapel of Columbus, IN.

This group is primarily for women who are over 55 yrs old. It is a way to connect with guests and church members in order to meet new friends. We will get together at different places to enjoy each other’s company. There will be events such as eating out at a restaurant, A Tea Luncheon, Brunch, Shopping Trip, a Cooking Class, and merely meeting at the church to pray for each other’s needs.

A way for new members, guests, and existing church members to connect with one another over a meal after church together.

A grief share group offering connection and support for those who have experienced loss in a safe, related environment

We will fellowship with a similar age group and grow with new friends. We will pray together and share a brief devotional on becoming part of the body of Christ.

A group of men seeking God through dissection of Scripture. Will pray, fast, and live life together through the word.

In this group we are facilitating a space for middle/high school girls to grow in their relationship with God and grow in their relationships with each other. Every Thursday night we will be diving into the Word, sharing personal thoughts and ideas, watching the Chosen series, and deepening friendships with each other. So much fun will be had every Thursday, no girl will want to miss it!!

We will have a meeting every other week for high school boys. It is a group for fun and fellowship where we will be eating tons of food and telling lots of jokes. The main focus will be to grow together!

Mommy & Me is a group for young like minded moms to come together and fellowship while letting their kiddos play.

This is a life group for old men. We meet every Friday morning. We eat breakfast.

This is a time of Christian fun, fellowship and games for girls 18 to 30 years old. We’ll play board games, group games, possibly sports, etc. so that we can develop deeper friendships and connections with one another.

Meet together for a half hour of prayer at 6 pm then go share Christ in any way you want for a half hour then report back through a group text. This can be witnessing, teaching, serving, encouraging or just sharing the love of God to someone outside our church family. (Edits may be coming to this description)

This group of young married couples will meet as a group to either venture out for events such as coffee crawls or dinner dates. Other nights we’ll hang out and play board games, hang around a bonfire once it gets warmer, or movie nights! Our desire is to connect with one another!

Ever wanted to go camping but never knew where to start? Join us this semester for an adventure like no other where we will be camping, hiking, cooking over a fire and so much more. Let’s get Camping!

If you are a coffee enthusiast this is the group for you. We will meet together to talk coffee, learn brewing techniques, and do coffee tastings. We also will take at least 1-2 trips to surrounding cities with great coffee cultures to do coffee crawls and try all the shops in the area!

This is an opportunity for single adults to fellowship with one another and join together around this common stage of life.