We are now able to bloom

and serve in our gifts.


We helped start a church in 1992 and my husband was serving as pastor, but difficulties with some in leadership were souring the body, and we knew something had to change. We were tired, wounded, and dejected by having our gifts belittled over the years.


I visited the Sanctuary alone the first time and was greeted in the parking lot, at the door, and again inside by many people. The choir, besides being amazing, sang songs not only about God, but to God. It was obvious to see that the individual members of the choir were genuinely worshipping as they sang, and created an atmosphere of praise. What a difference!


Pastor Marvin Mitchell was preaching that first day, and it was a message directly for me and my circumstances at the time. My husband joined me the following week, and we knew we had found our home church.


Over the last 3 years at the Sanctuary a spiritual healing has started and continues. Gifts that we were once scorned are valued at the Sanctuary, which continues to both please and baffle us. We are now able to bloom and serve in our gifts.


This has also been a time of soul searching for us. As we study and find truth, we’ve had to adjust or discard doctrinal beliefs that we had not understood correctly. We’ve been baptized properly in Jesus’ name. We continue to heal from our wounds, and receive beauty for ashes.